Things to do in Paternoster

 Noisy Oyster 022 7522196 (Excellent Food with a Vibe)

Blikkie (Breakfast, light lunch and pizzas) No need to book

Paternoster hotel 022 7522703 (Traditional West Coast)

Gaatjie Restaurant   (022 7522242) Classic food

Die Winkel op Paternoster "oep ve koep" 022 7522632

Dunes Beauty Clinic 083 5605600

Art and curiosities:

Paternoster Art Shed at the Paternoster Waterfront

Kayaking Booking essential - at the Crayfish Wharf /

More food:

Paternoster Waterfront- Whale Rib and Monk's Kitchen restaurants

Paternoster Lodge Restaurant 022 7522023

Die Seekat  restaurant 0827896388

Leeto - Fine dining with a view 060 927 0403

Mondvol at Pelgrimsrust just outside Paternoster - brilliant breakfast and lunch

Voorstrand Restaurant 022 7522038 (Paternoster Classic)

Cape Columbine Lighthouse is well worth a visit if you are fit enough take a walk from Emily or Bokkoms, it is about ½ day trip. See our beautiful nature reserve at Tietiesbaai. Unfortunately they do not allow dogs.

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